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I only ship within the U.S. and take Paypal. All prices include shipping.

$13- Hocico band t-shirt- size Medium. Black shirt with white/grey logo. Baby tee style. Shirt is on the shorter side so you will need to wear a longer tank with it or something.

$13- Covenant band t-shirt- size Medium. Black shirt with white/blue logo. Baby tee style. Shirt is on the shorter side so you will need to wear a longer tank with it or something.

$13- Suicide Commando band t-shirt- size Medium. Black shirt with white/red logo. Baby tee style. Shirt is on the shorter side so you will need to wear a longer tank with it or something.

$30- Size 9-Plugg military green cargo long skirt. Button/zipper closure. Wide belt loops. Distressed detailing. Mermaid style skirt. Pockets. Cargo pockets (useable) on both sides of skirt. The skirt is long if you aren't wearing platforms with it, but otherwise won't cover your platforms.

$12- Forever 21 skirt (size Large) with silver studs (shapes include diamonds, squares & Circles). Not a mini skirt but doesn't reach the knees either. Front zipper closure. Cotton/poly. Thick, heavy skirt. Back is just plain black (the circles are from my camera. bad flash on this pic, it's not faded.

‎$40- FuturState short cyber skirt- Large. Black skirt with black/white/grey radio controls parts pattern (it's not a circuit board pattern) that blends into a camo pattern. zipper closure in back. 100% cotton.

$25- Serious long camo skirt. Size Medium. Made of shiny nylon/lycra blend. Wide belt loops. silver d-ring details. black pvc (lame pvc) bondage straps that are convertible to however you like them). slits up the side of the skirt (...go from about your middle thigh to the bottom of the skirt). this skirt is very long and you can wear platforms with it. The right side has a cargo pocket on it that is useable. it looks like maybe this had a built-in belt that someone cut off so there is remnants on the middle of the waist band from some kind of fabric.

‎$50- Cryoflesh Neophyte Skirt- Size Medium. Asymmetrical style. Skirt is dark and light grey. Side zipper closure with velcro tab. Right side has a cargo pocket down below the knee with silver zippers (useable pockets) and silver grommet details- see all pictures

‎$35- Lip Service pencil/asymmetrical skirt- Size S, but it fits me and I'm a Large, so this would fit a Med or Large up to 39 hips. Snap closure with zipper on the front. Belt loops with black grommet details. Skirt is not black but a very very dark blue which can be mistaken for black in the clubs. Silver zipper details on the hips that go all the way around to the back. The stitching is yellow. The other fabric on the sides of the skirt is actually like a black quilted fabric. There is a strap with silver grommets on it (i pinned it down cuz it kept sticking out)Back: Asymmetrical bottom. Silver zipper detailing. Cotton tie.

‎$20- House of Spy cyber tank top- Size S/P. Black with white trim details (just thread,not reflective tape or pvc piping). Asymmetrical neckline with strap shoulder detailing. Back has a hole cut out the back (which will show your bra). The tank top is on the shorter side.

‎$20- Serious bright red pot hole/cutout/burnout style short dress- Size Med. Mandarin style collar with black pvc piping trim. Slits at the hip area that tie up with black ribbon and has the same pvc trim. Zip up closure in the back. photo came out kinda pink but it really is bright red.

MAKE ME AN OFFER!-Melissa E (Australia designer) custom made pvc dress with eyelet and strap details. -Med to a smaller size Large. The dress is extremely short so you will need to wear something under it. (i used to wear a long pvc skirt underneath it). It was made to fit a 34 bust, 29 waist, 39 hips, but it fits larger in the top and waist. zips up the back. This is a shorter version of the following dress..i paid almost$300 for this...http://www.ebay.com/itm/CUSTOM-made-EYELET-gothic-punk-ball-DRESS-PVC-lolita-/200441705291?pt=AU_Womens_Clothing_2&hash=item2eab41b34b

MAKE ME AN OFFER- Cyber Military dreadfall wig--These falls are handmade by myself, made of green foam strips with hand-cut gold glitter military symbols, black foam strips with green electrical tape bands, petrol green and metallic gold Cyberlox and emerald green and gold dreads. The foam is tied on with metallic green ribbon which has become part of the falls. The falls are mounted on black nylon and left long for someone who has think hair. You can cut them to size if you prefer. These falls can be worn as pigtails OR as a giant ponyfall.

MAKE ME AN OFFER-Plastic Tubing Cyber hairfall. set of plastic tubing accent falls made by myself. They have only been worn once for the pictures.They vary in length and reach the small of your back in some places. These are ACCENT falls to be worn with dreads you already have. These probably will NOT cover your buns (without dread falls) even if you have sort hair so I will not accept returns 1) for this reason and 2) it's un-hygenic! :) You can however wear these as one single giant HUGE ponyfall and it SHOULD cover your bun if you do not have naturally huge gigantic hair!!! These falls are mounted on black nylon. Made of :
* thin clear plastic tubing * plastic spiral wrapping/tubing in black and white colors * split flex plastic tubing painted red and silver, and some were kept all black.

Please note that after years of wearing these items the paint will eventually come off in some spots from being rubbed together. This is something that I noticed with my 5 year old dreads. However, it's very easy to just pick up some spray paint from your local hardware shop and re-paint it. :)

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